• When You Own a High Speed Fully Automatic Hardcover Book Production Line

      It's not a science fiction movie, what you see is a fully intelligent and automatic hardcover bookbinding workshop, which already have been applicated by more and more print companies.There is no doubt that hardcover bookbinding is the most complex of all bookbinding fields, and the Automatic Hardcover Book Production Line can make a thread sewn book block into a perfect hardcover book with high efficiency and fully automatic, its function is so great that it is no less significant than the spac...More>>

    • Sewn Binding: A Time Honored Craft

      Sewn binding is one of the oldest binding methods in history, and it is still the most durable form of binding for printed products today. Sewn binding is a process which utilizes thread sewn through printed signatures to bind them together....More>>

    • What is the Difference Between Book's Jacket and Flap

      Let's talk about an interesting topic, what's the difference between book's jacket and flap. Books are still a major, influential medium. Public relations people often are involved in the writing and promotion of books related to their companies or clients. ...More>>

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