• How To Choose The Best Paper Folding Machine For Your Business

      Typically, there are only two basic types of folds: parallel and right-angle. Products containing parallel folds consist of folds that run parallel to each other. Right-angle folds are folds that run perpendicular to each of the preceding folds....More>>

    • Sewn Binding: A Time Honored Craft

      Sewn binding is one of the oldest binding methods in history, and it is still the most durable form of binding for printed products today. Sewn binding is a process which utilizes thread sewn through printed signatures to bind them together....More>>

    • The History of Hardcover Book Binding

      Archibald Leighton is generally credited with having introduced cotton-based book cloth to wholesale bookbinding, which were of great importance to the economy and global expansion of book sales in the 19th century....More>>

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